Inception Tutoring Services Newsletter – August 2015

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August 15, 2015

Inception Tutoring Services Newsletter – August 2015

Newsletter – August 2015

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Can you believe it is almost that time already? Seems like just yesterday students were preparing for exams and counting down the last few days of the school year.

As the school year approaches, Inception Tutoring Services is working diligently to continue improving client satisfaction and your overall tutoring experience. Over the next few weeks, the website will be updated to include more information about scheduling, specials, and things you need to know for continued improvement. In addition, all current clients will be receiving an updated contract, client information form, and new package offers. Please take the time to look over this information and fill out the form as it will help in making your experience with ITS even more successful.

As some of you know, I am completing my last year of graduate school this year. Due to this exciting time in my life, there will be some fluctuations in my available hours for tutoring and responding to questions from students. As such, I have decided two things: I will offer an online tutoring experience that is described within this newsletter and I will no longer be accepting text messages from students. The new communication policy will be outlined in the updated contracts. If there are any questions or concerns with these changes please do not hesitate to contact me. Additionally, if you know you will want tutoring during popular hours and weekdays, please do not wait until the last minute to book your space. Due to changes in my schedule, weekday spaces will be limited, but weekend availability will be extended.

In Success,
Jasmine Leonard



Labor Day
September 7


With the increased ability to effectively communicate online and provide help with homework, Inception Tutoring Services will be offering online tutoring available as a premium addition to tutoring packages. Online tutoring will not substitute an in-person tutoring lesson, but will be offered as a way to get important questions answered in between lessons. With the new communication policy limiting continued access to the tutor, online tutoring will provide students who need additional help with a way to ask for clarification on an assignment in an appropriate space. Online tutoring sessions will be focused and concise, not exceeding 30 minutes.


Do you know a family interested in tutoring? Maybe a student who needs help with organization? If so, help your friends and family, while enjoying special discounts for yourself. Inception Tutoring Services is starting a new referral program that increases your savings with every referral made. Want to know more? Contact us today!

Inception Tutoring Services has an active Groupon available for new clients. Help someone become a member of the ITS family with an amazing discount. New clients signing up under Groupon are still applicable to the Referral Program.
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