Inception Tutoring Services Newsletter – September 2015

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August 15, 2015
Inception Tutoring Services Newsletter – Third Quarter Edition
February 28, 2016

Inception Tutoring Services Newsletter – September 2015

Newsletter – September 2015

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The school year has started! Now that the second week of school has begun and schedules are finalized, it is prime time to think about tutoring. There aren’t many spots left, so if you might need tutoring at any point this fall, please contact me now to start discussing your needs.

In last month’s newsletter, I mentioned that I would be implementing a new communication policy, which states that minor students will no longer be able to text for lesson help, setting up new lessons, or for general issues. In place of text messaging, the Remind app will be used, which provides a safe and free form of communication that can be printed and monitored by parents or tutors. The new communication policy is summarized in the information section below.

With the boom in technology and schools requiring the use of iPads and laptops, gone are the days of being able to take away electronics to control a student’s communication and usage. In speaking with parents over the past few months, I realized the growing concerns and need for control and monitoring. I can help!  Technix IT is now offering students of Inception Tutoring a discounted Controls and Restrictions Configuration service. For $99, you receive a personalized configuration to control and restrict the usage of your student on electronic devices and education on how to maintain and change it when necessary. For more information Technix IT can be reached at 240-623-0623.

We are here for you! If there are services you want or need, please contact me and I will bring the services and savings to you.

In Success,
Jasmine Leonard




Labor Day
September 7



When school starts, that means the PSAT is right around the corner. The PSAT is scheduled for October 14, 2015 for most schools, which means there are only 6 weeks to prepare. In general, the PSAT is a great source of practice for the SAT and a means for potential scholarships. All students who take the PSAT this fall, will be taking the NEW test, which is drastically different from all its previous forms. Inception Tutoring Services has prepared all summer to learn the new material tested and to find the best resources available for students taking the NEW PSAT and SAT. If you’re interested in preparing for the PSAT or SAT, take advantage of our October SAT Prep Package offered for $549.95, which includes six 90-minute lessons.


Do you know a family interested in tutoring? Maybe a student who needs help with organization? If so, help your friends and family, while enjoying special discounts for yourself. You can now receive 10% off for every referral made, up to 50% off a single tutoring package. *Referrals must purchase a tutoring package and mention your name upon contact.*

The Tutor will be responsible for being responsive to phone calls and email communication during the hours of 9AM – 9PM, 7 days a week. Responsive communication entails ensuring a response within (2) two hours of initial contact. Any communication initiated outside of these hours will be responded to at the discretion of the Tutor. In the case of emergency for either party, relaxation of these terms can occur, but will not be deemed as normal policy.

When there is a scheduled tutoring lesson, it is the responsibility of the Student to be available by phone for communication within the hour proceeding the lesson. This is necessary for the Tutor to be able to communicate any late arrivals or emergencies that may occur, as well as to ensure the Student can be found if tutoring takes place outside of the home.

The Tutor will not accept direct text messages from the Student if he/she is a legal minor. This policy is to ensure a record of communication for both parties and to provide a level of safety for both the Tutor and Student. In place of direct text messages, the Remind app will be the only acceptable form of communication. The Student and parent can join the app for free and use the class code @inception. In either use of direct text messaging or the Remind app, the acceptable times of communication will follow that of phone and email. There will be no relaxation of terms in the case of text messaging between a minor Student and the Tutor. Any violations of this policy will be grounds for immediate termination without written notice.


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